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    Mine is a sun team and only have two attacks that are good against heatran (should have thought of that before). My Charizard is scarfed so he gets the flash fire boosts from my Heat Wave. Annoying. That boost plus the sun boost and stab knock out my Scrafty, which is quite bulky.

    Cresselia is annoying because it takes a while to put it down.

    And hitmontop is a major troll: haha, intimidate! haha, fake out! haha, wide guard (?)! haha, fighting gem close combat. I like to encore trap hitmontop with my whimsicott xD Although his intimidate doesn't hurt my team much.

    Griffin, I was almost at 1700, but then I started losing some battles and the ones I was one turn away of winning quit on me. They ban should last longer for disconnecters - Three hours
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