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After noticing how rubbish my last SU was, I’ll try from scratch now.
Name: Jake Rallington

Nickname: Jake

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): Wears an un-tucked purple shirt and olive green chinos. His trainers are white with yellow bands across them, and he often wears a Water Stone necklace around his neck to remind him of home.

Personality: He is a kind, warm hearted person who would do anything for his friends. He is a loveable guy who most people find easy to get on with. He gets extremely scared around Bugs and absolutely hates the cold, after growing up in a warm area. He hopes to overcome his fears and his Pokemon’s fears however by trying to get on with Bug Types and Ice Types, and will try to succeed as he is not one to give up easily, as shown by his determination to get into the Academy. He is not afraid of Ghost Types unlike many people as they frolicked happily about the village he lived in, often helping with their work.

History: Grew up in Lapis Village, a small village in the region of Hoenn where he and most of the community made Evolution Jewellery, something they sold at Grand Festivals, Pokemon Leagues and other events. His specialities are Water Stone necklaces, which were used to place one’s neck as an accessory or place on a Pokemon for it to evolve or as an accessory. He wears one while at the Academy to remind himself of home, and does not plan on using it on a Pokemon. When going into his garden to look for some Leaf Stones for his neighbour, he found two Oddish playing in the bushes, and after delivering the Stones to his neighbour, Jake joined in to. Eventually, they agreed to let Jake catch them, but they still hate being inside their Pokeballs. To try to get into the Academy, he revised over many Pokemon books and trained his Pokemon every day with the wild Pokemon in the nearby fields. He passed both his exams with flying colours, earning a place in the Suicune Dorm, and now hopes to learn even more from the experience.

Pokémon: Oddish
Species: Weed Pokemon
Nickname: Bell
Personality: Sweet and very caring towards other Pokemon and never attacks unless provoked or the other Pokemon makes fun of her sibling. She hates Bug Types like her Trainer and is often in awe of stronger Grass Types.
Lvl: 13
Moves: Absorb, Sweet Scent

Pokémon: Oddish
Species: Weed Pokemon
Nickname: Plume
Personality: Is very energetic and can suddenly start to battle other Pokemon for no apparent reason whatsoever. Hates the cold just like his Trainer and is often jealous of Psychic Types and Fire Types.
Lvl: 13
Moves: Acid, PoisonPowder

White 2: