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time for an update xD
started FireRed


-got the Naughty
-defeated Gary on Route 22
-Charmander evolved in the Wood

: difficulty 1/5 with
*Metal Claw made it easy

-caught the Naughtyat Mt.Moon
-taughtBullet Seed
-done Mt.Moon
-taughtMegapunch and Megakick
-defeated Gary
-done Nugget Bridge
-evolved on Route 6

: difficulty 0/5
*Bullet Seed

-defeated Gary on the ship
-got Cut

: difficulty 1/5
*I taughtDig was easy

-caught the Naive
-taughShock Wave
-taughtRock Throw
-done Rock Tunnel
-evolved at Route 8
-taughtBrick Break
-got Tea
-defeated Giovanni at Game Corner
-defeated Gary at Pokemon Tower
-evolved at Pokemon Tower
-got the PokeFlute

I'm playing Far Cry 3 xD so this could be a little slow xD
On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons
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