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chapter one; FRIENDS AND RIVALS pt. I
Aberdeen Black // Route 2

Route 2 was as boring as it had ever been, in Aberdeen's eyes. He had come here many times to play, especially when he was younger. He and his friends used to pretend that they were pokémon trainers but every time they spotted an actual wild pokémon, most often Nidoran, they became scared and quiet and only dared to carefully sneak up on the pokémon. They would never have dared to step up and catch its attention; that was something that only people who owned pokémon of their own did. Aberdeen smiled at the thought as he sat on the grassy hill by the road and ate a sandwich in the sunlight. He threw a glance at the pokémon sitting beside him with his eyes closed. Apparently, Servine didn't eat often. It was quite content with sunlight for the time being, creating its own energy by photoshtishashdjskjstesis or something. Well, Aberdeed wouldn't get scared and back away if he met a wild pokémon now. He did have his own.

Only a few people passed them by on the road beneath the hill while they were sitting there. They were somewhere in the middle of route 2, halfways to the dark forest that Aberdeen had never been to before. All kids in Viridian were told stories about how the wicked spirits and pokémon of Viridian Forest took the souls of children who dared to wander in there without permission. Not even Aberdeen had dared to go against that.

Suddenly, a voice reached the sunbathers on the hill. "Excuse me young trainer, have you happened to have seen a wild Ponyta in this area?"

Aberdeen swallowed his current chomp of the sandwich and looked down. Judging from how she had talked, he had expected an elder, or at least pompous middle aged woman to stand there but instead there was a girl who couldn't be older than himself. She was wearing a ridiculously wide, white hat as protection against the sun (or perhaps she thought it looked good?) and a coral red dress and long, white stockings over a pair of cute, brown shoes. She was also holding a bicycle that she had supposedly just stepped down from. Aberdeen's first instinct told him to totally get up and help this lady in distress, but then he saw her face. It was cute, sure, but it had the look of someone who thought everyone else was a nuisance in the world and that everyone should just fall down to their knees and worship her. A complete brat, in other words. Aberdeen cursed himself for caring about personality when a girl was that cute!

"Nope, haven't seen no Ponyta here!" he replied with a wave and a bright smile anyways. "Have you, Servine?" he asked his pokémon, who only vaguely opened one of his eye to look lazily at Aberdeen and then the girl on the road. Then it shook its head. "Didn't think so. Sorry, little lady!" Aberdeen called down again.

"Who are you calling 'little lady'?" the little lady snapped and made her sweet face take on an even more repulsive grimace. "I happen to be a brilliant pokémon trainer and no one shall 'little' me!"

Aberdeen leaned his head to the side and just looked at the girl. "Whaat?" he said slowly. "Hehe. Are you a trainer? So they really do come in all sizes and shapes!" he giggled.

The girl now took on a really angry face and parked her bike by the road. "How dare you! Come down here and I'll teach you some manners, you... you little brat!"

Aberdeen stood up. "Whoa. Who are you calling a brat? Me? 'Cause there ain't no brat on this hill, or what do you say, Servine comrade?"

Again, Servine just shook its head, not even opening one eye this time. The girl, now really fuming, pointed with her index finger at him and opened her mouth to say something, probably to challenge him to a battle which made Aberdeen feel really excited... but they were interrupted by a loud, clear 'neeiiigh'.

"Neeiiigh?" Aberdeen echoed, looking around. On the other side of the small hill, he found the source of the sound. "Oh, wow, I've never seen a Ponyta this up close before!"

"What! Let me look! Wait!" the girl on the road called out and started running up the hill. Clearly, her constitution wasn't the best because when she was finally up by Aberdeen's side, almost poking him in the face with the broad brim of her hat, she was panting heavily.

"Not really girly," Aberdeen sighed but didn't let her hear it. Instead, he did her a favor and pointed to a grass field very close to them, just by a patch of forest. Three Ponyta were grazing there, seemingly not noticing or caring about the kids on the hill just some dozens of meters away.

"AMAZING!" the girl said, her face breaking up into a smile that actually made her look cute again. Aberdeen almost wanted to melt and treat her like the girl he wanted her to be, when she turned around to him with her big, blue eyes and said: "Capture one for me, young trainer!"

The boy blinked with his seagreen eyes. "What? No way, haha! If you're a trainer, why don't you just capture it yourself?"

"My pokémon is of the grass type. I cannot just battle a fire type like that now."

"Then... just capture another pokémon first?"

"No! I have made up my mind ever since I heard about what pokémon are living in this route. I want a Ponyta and I am going to get one! So hurry up before they disappear." She sat down on a rock on the hill, as if preparing to be a spectator to a battle that was soon going to take place. Aberdeen felt handfallen for a few moments, until Servine came sliding across the grass on its tiny legs.

"My pokémon is a grass type too, you know? I was thinking I'd get a water type or maybe fighting type or something, before I try flying types and fire types and stuff that he's weak against. Basic pokémon logic!"

"You're weak, you're saying," the girl said without looking at him. She took up a pokédex from her leather shoulder bag and scanned Servine with it. The grass reptile watched her uninterestedly. "As I thought. Level 10 is nothing. But it should be enough to capture that Ponyta if it is lower leveled and if you're smart."

"Listen, missy! I'm not a trainer just so I can do other people's bidding! I'm my own and I'm not going to help you!"

The girl sighed, as if she possessed infinitely more wisdom than he did. "I see. I'll let anyone I meet know of the frightened trainer Aberdeen Black, then."

"What... How do you know my name?"

"The pokédex can scan other pokédexes and tell who's their owner. You are Aberdeen Black, 14 years of age from Viridian City."

Aberdeen fumbled to get his own pokédex up from his bag as the girl talked. He scanned her without her resisting and it did detect her pokédex. Karen Winter, 14 years old from Pallet Town. "Karen," he said. That was a name that he usually liked. Why did such a stupid girl have to be named that? "I..."

"The Ponyta seem to be getting away. Why don't you get a move on? You don't want me to spread the word of your inferiority, do you?"

Aberdeen somehow knew that what she was saying made no sense, but some kind of pride inside him just couldn't let go of a challenge that easily. He looked at Servine, who didn't seem to have anything specific in mind. Oh, so what if they had fire manes and Servine was made of leaves! He had SPEED. And Aberdeen sure had the tactics! They would do this!

"You just wait, missy," he said, fists clenched, and marched down this side of the hill, going through the high grass towards the grazing Ponyta. Servine slid after him with ease through the grass.

The wind made the high straws sway. They reached Aberdeen almost to his waist and allowed him to become hidden if he crouched down. They carefully got closer to the trio of Ponyta. Suddenly, one of them put their head into the air as if sensing something.

"Crap," Aberdeen whispered. "Servine, you ready to battle? It's a fire type so the main thing you'll have to do is avoiding its fire. Hang on..." He took up his pokédex again and scanned the nearest Ponyta with it. They were only about ten meters away now, hidden in the grass so far. "The pokédex says they aren't that strong. Maybe they don't know any fire attacks yet! One can only hope."

Servine hissed, once again making the closest Ponyta raise its head and back off a little. "Schh, you're scaring it! Oh, well. Let's get this show on the road. I've never battled for real before... but I imagine it's just like on TV and in video games, right?" Aberdeen said, mostly to himself before taking a deep breath and really getting the show on the road.

"Servine, Vine Whip on its legs!" he called out and popped up from his crouching position just as Servine shot forward and let its vines out. Ponyta neighed and got up on its hind legs. Servine had aimed for its front legs and thus now missed.

"Again!" Aberdeen said while working on a continuation of the plan. Servine whipped away with its vines once more and aimed for the hind legs this time. They got hold of a leg and pulled, trying to make the pony fall over. But it was too heavy, or too strong. Instead, Ponyta Growled at Servine, making him shudder and loosing his grip. The other two Ponyta neighed wildly and fled into the patch of forest, leaving their comrade behind.

The Ponyta that was stuck by the vines now tried to run towards Servine to Tackle him. Servine jumped away, using the vines attached to the Ponyta's hind leg to slow the pony down and steer it away from him. This tedious game went on for a while, until Aberdeen realized that Ponyta indeed wasn't going to use any fire attack. Time to start battling for real, then.

"Let it go, and use Iron Tail!" Aberdeen told his pokémon, who loosened and retracted the Vine Whip. Ponyta Leered at him, but Servine was cool enough to be unaffected by that. Instead, his tail began glowing and he focused as he closed in on the Ponyta and -BAM- the horse was quick enough to Tackle him before the Iron Tail could get loaded up completely.

"Dammit!" Aberdeen said, not making his mother proud by his language. "Ok, just use your vines to whip it! But watch out for the fire mane!"

Servine slid around in the grass, avoiding Ponyta's Tackle attacks with more ease when he wasn't readying an attack of his own. But now he came to a stop and sent out his vines again. Just as the angered pony was about to Tackle him yet again, he whipped it right in its face. Ponyta stopped and moaned. Apparently, these Vine Whips were good for several tactics! Aberdeen made a mental note. "Whip again!"

The whipping went on, keeping the pony in the spot, until a vine suddenly caught fire from the mane at last. Servine squealed and retracted both vines, not wanting to keep that up. Aberdeen, who was still standing in the taller grass, had to agree. But since Ponyta was more focused on its injuries than on its opponents at the moment, this could be their chance!

"Servine, use Iron Tail, now!"

Once again, the grass type readied its tail, making it glow and becoming steel hard... he struck Ponyta at the middle of its body, earning a pained 'neeeiiiigh' and seeing the fire type fall into the high grass just beside Aberdeen. The boy let out a huge breath. "That was... intense," he said. Servine was panting but seemed strangely happy. Apparently, it enjoyed when things got rough and dangerous. It sure wasn't as delicate as its appearance let one to believe.

Karen Winter had been sitting on the rock on the hill, watching the battle from afar. When Aberdeen and Servine finally returned to her side, a stretched out hand offered her a pokéball. "There you go! See? It's not impossible to defeat an opponent when you're at a type disadvantage!"

Karen took the pokéball and put it away in her bag. Then she said: "Boring battle."

Aberdeen's jaw dropped, before he felt anger swell up inside of him. His mouth turned into a thin line. "What do you really know? Have you even ever battled?"

"As a matter of fact, I have. On Route 1 and in Viridian City, I defeated five trainers straight in a row. With only one pokémon." She looked up at him and saw that he didn't really believe her. She smirked. "I am one of the privileged trainers who got a rare starter pokémon from professor Oak just yesterday. I'm participating in his program to produce the most successful trainers in the Pokémon League Tournament. I know how to win battles swiftly and painlessly, not with all the fuss you just made out there."

"Professor Oak?" Aberdeen's heart sank. He was a big fan of that professor and had been a bit sad about not being chosen to get a pokémon from him. Oak had always favored Pallet native trainers. He had jumped at the chance of participating in Pine's study, which was practically similar to what Oak had his trainers do.

"Yes. Actually, my starter has reached a higher level than yours, without the need to evolve." With those words, she picked up another pokéball and let the pokémon out in front of them. What appeared was a green creature that looked like a miniature version of Servine. Also, not quite as elegant.

"A Snivy!" Aberdeen couldn't keep himself from exclaiming. Servine half curiously slithered up to its smaller counterpart and eyed it up and down. The Snivy seemed overjoyed at meeting its evolution and tried to shake hands with him. He didn't really respond much, but let the little grass type do it.

"Indeed. She is exceptionally quick and strong and I doubt I'll be evolving her until I feel like she could really gain anything from it. I like to make her surprise her foes with her strength, when they think she is so small and powerless." Karen got up from the rock and picked up Snivy from the ground. "You know what more? I just got you to capture a pokémon for me without getting anything in return. Ah, the magnificence of the power of persuasion, aren't you impressed?" With an evil smile, she turned and started walking back to the road...

Aberdeen just stood there and felt really silly, almost numb, for a moment. Servine poked his leg with his nose but got no reaction. That clever, awful woman... He was the first girl in a long time that he hadn't even been remotely interested in and yet she got him to do this for her? How? Just... why?

"HOW! JUST... WHY?!"

The shout made him look down at the road. There stood Karen and Snivy, apparently looking for their bicycle. But there was no bicycle there. It was gone.

"Someone has stolen my bicycle!" the Pallet trainer exclaimed, panicking. "How am I supposed to travel fast and light without it?"

"Use your feet, monkey," Aberdeen suggested, walking down the hill and past them onto the sandy road.

"My feet? Excuse me, but... wait... it's YOUR FAULT!"

"My fault? I didn't even touch that bike."

"If you hadn't been a prick and teased me, I would have remembered to lock my bicycle before calmly walking up that hill!"

Aberdeen kept walking but turned his head around, giving her a stare that made it clear that he considered her a crazy witch. "Don't you even think about blaming me, missy!"

"You're getting me a new bike this instant!"

"I just got you a Ponyta! Can't you ride on that, for Arceus' sake?"

Karen stopped dead on the road, making Aberdeen stop too and look at her. Snivy wondered what was going on and tugged Karen's leg. The girl responded with a wide grin under the brim of her hat, sent the grass type back into its pokéball and took forth the other pokéball that was newly occupied. "That is so true...!"

Ponyta was energized out into the open on the road and stood before Karen for a split second - then it fell back into a pile of legs and fire. It was still tired and weak from being beaten in a battle.

"My god..." Aberdeen facepalmed. "You should get it healed up first, of course!"

"Oh, you poor thing!" Karen said, patting the pony with a look of empathy. "We need to get you treated!" She sent it back into its pokéball. "I'm going to the resting house in the north. Don't you even TRY to follow me!" she said, marching right past the boy and his pokémon.

"I wouldn't even dream of it, thank you!" Aberdeen called back. "What... just... I hope the world outside Viridian City is not filled with girls like that," he then said to Servine. "She's the last girl I'd want to hook up with, ever!"

"Sure," Servine would have said, if he could speak human. "Suure, boy."

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Cute first post ^^ Just remember that *doing actions like this* is kind of almost against the rules of the Roleplay Corner :p So try to not do that! Your Ivysaur didn't really do enough with detail in this post to warrant a level, but that'll probably come in your route 2 posts!

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