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I'll start with fave of each type then all time fave
Normal: DittoCmon, it's a purple blob that copies things. Kewl
Fire: ReshiramI'm normally not into fire types but reshiram is an exception. I'm kinda glad I chose black now.
Water: FeraligatrBeing my first pokemon, I had to put him in.
Grass: TorterraWhat a cool turtle
Electric: GalvantulaIt's also my favourite bug poke
Bug: GalvantulaSee?
Poison: BulbasaurA classic
Fighting: GalladeBlades for arms? Awesome
Flying: SalamenceRawr
Ground: NincadaEvolves into ninjask and shedinja
Steel: Genesect Look at it.
Ice: KyuremOne of my favourite legendarys
Psychic: MewtwoFirst pokemon to lv100
Ghost: Misdreavus Looks like Mephiles
Dark: ZoroarkGotta love this guy
Dragon: Kyurem Cool backstory
Overall, it's a tie between Zoroark and Galvantula. If I had to choose, it'd be Zoroark. I even put his name on the rock in the Shaymin event.
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