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    Originally Posted by I-Like-Shiny-Pichu View Post
    First rule of game development: Give credit where credit is due. The problem here isn't even with you intending to use them, provided you give credits like was requested. The problem was with resources being shared that were not supposed to be shared. Now that they have been shared, Evil Arms has requested that people credit him if they use them, there really isn't any need for all the flaming. He ripped 'em, he has the right to request credits if used.

    Nuff said.
    Right, first things first, when did I say I was never going to give credit? I was just simply making the point. I'm not flaming, you and Evil Arms appear to be turning a simple request into an argument. I know, but anybody could rip G/S/C tiles, so it might be a completely different tile set that Nintendork actually ripped himself. Your acting as if you think your special, and as if no one else can do it. Trust me, I've seen many people do it.
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