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    The image of the tiny girl whipping and waving her faux-sword around the room would stick around in Ashling's mind for quite some time, as an image of such things being used for something besides combat. Of course those movements could do nothing to actually hurt somebody, the way Eva held it was perhaps the clumsiest and her attempts at mimicking swordsmanship were flimsy at best. But she didn't care. To her roommate, it seemed to be an object of fantasy and wonder, to have fun with and mimic those she held to be great in the kind of reckless abandon many other children would have had. Though, approaching the other students with such a thing drawn would have provoked quite the ruckus, but Eva's approach of the door ended slightly before Ashling's skull was shacked by a sudden turn.

    The hit hadn't hurt at all, and the shrieking that the smaller woman did immediately afterwards had probably injured more people than the sheath ever had, but as Eva sputtered her apologies like water from a geyser, Ashling noticed something. She'd given Eva the sheath to swing around, thus it was her own fault that she was struck, and also the reason for Eva's eyes mimicking a kicked dog. That simply would not do, and something had to be done. With her head slightly turned from the blow, Ashling winced at brought her hand up to her opposite ear, retrieving from it, with a bit of wriggling, what appeared to be a golden coin.

    " look what you've done." Ashling teased the puffy-haired roommate with a clear smile on her lips, as she took back the sheath by its center of mass and ran the golden coin between her fingers. "Do you have any idea how long it takes for these to be restored? Oh harm done, and you did it hit out, so you take it." She said, as she re-tied the sheath to her belt and flipped the coin through the air so that it would land on Eva's hand. However, instead of landing like a firm, relatively heavy galleon, it puffed up into nothingness.
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