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    (has nothing to do with new games X and Y... Here X is designation of Pokémon mutant created in a Team Rocket's lab)

    Hello, I'm James Terrano and I bring you game with a brand new story ...
    Storyline is based on my story, originally planned as a comics. However drawing was not easy (an especially in manga style). Anyway I intend to publish a written version of my story here on PokeCommunity during creation of the game... So you will know what to expect in the game or what will not be in the game.

    The story
    This story takes us to Team Rocket. Three elite agents, James, Kate and Brian, betrays Team Rocket and escapes. The reason for their betrayal are the experiments on Pokémon that scientists from Team Rocket performed in a secret laboratory. In the laboratory are created so-called Pokémon X. Who would control these Pokémon, he could dominate or destroy the world. James, Kate and Brian take these Pokémon and want to take them to a safe place where no one will ever found them. However, members of Team Rocket chasing those traitors and trying to get back Pokemon mutants.
    This story is rough and dark. It's not a fairy tale for children. People and Pokémon can die here. For example: In one of the abandoned secret laboratories, main characters will find dead Meloetta from a failed experiment.

    Specific main characters
    The main characters are stable / unchangeable without the possibility to choose your own name.

    Wild Pokemon will move around the map
    Pokémon no longer attack from the tall grass. They move around the area same as a human characters. Wild Pokémon are divided into three groups:
    - Calm (they don't attack, they don't fight - occurring mostly in cities)
    - Neutral (they don't attacking, they will battle only when you start the battle)
    - Aggressive (they attack you as soon as you approach and they can chase you around)
    When you defeat or catch a Pokémon, it disappears from the map and will appear again when you return there. This doesn't work with rare or Legendary Pokémon. When they disappear, they disappear.

    Possibilities in conversation with human characters
    When you talk to some of the characters, you can choose what you want to talk about with them, or you can challenge them for battle.

    No Gyms, Badges or League
    In this game there are no gyms, gym leaders, badges or any league. However, in one specific location is the stadium, where takes place a special tournament, where you may also meet known characters.

    New music and sound effects
    There will be anime soundtrack in MP3 format. Sound effects will be improved to not sound like poor quality effects from GBA. As for Pokemon Cries from GBC / GBA / NDS games, so it will be replaced by Pokemon voices from the anime.

    Known characters from the Anime
    You will meet for example Ash, Paul, Cilan, Brock and others.
    Besides the anime characters you will encounter some main characters from some games.

    In the game will be some Pokemon from all 5 generations. Furthermore in the game will be also fake Pokémon and a few of generation 6.

    New graphics for the Trainer battle characters
    Trainer picture will be changed to Microheroes style

    Things that I would like to add to the game, but don't know if it will be able to
    - "Video sequences" created from images (I do not know how to do this)
    - New battle background - pictures of grassland, forests and towns, etc. (I do not know how to do this)
    - (other plans will be added later)

    Region in this game will be remote part of Kanto and the new island region.
    (map of the region will be added later)

    Main Characters
    In this game, all three main characters have some part of me.

    JAMES TERRANO (age: 28)
    This character has my (fake) name.
    He is a member of an elite division of Team Rocket. In the past, he was one of the greatest villains ... perhaps worse than Giovanni itself. After a while, he found good friends, which changed his nature. He is in love with his friend Kate, but he still thinks that love is a weakness, so he didn't tell her anything. His first Pokémon and best Pokémon friend is Jolteon and they are together already more than thirteen years. After years in Team Rocket, he began to feel guilty for everything he's done in the service of Team Rocket and began gradually returning Pokemon they stole to people.

    KATE (age: 22)
    This character shows what women I like
    Kate is a new member of the elite division. She had been a member of the two-member team (as Jassie and James or Cassidy and Butch). She is young, sweet and kind. She wanted to be a Pokemon doctor, but she met the wrong people. In Team Rocket often worked as an agent in disguise or as a Pokémon doctor (but for the wrong people). When she first met James, she was scared of him, but eventually she managed to change him into a better person.

    BRIAN (age: 25)
    I'm not sure what part of me has this character ... maybe age.
    Brian is a new member of the elite division. He is young, a little bit lazy and funny (according to him). He has no Pokémon. His laziness caused that he wasn't care properly about his Pokémon. His last Pokemon Golbat rather ran away from him.

    Other Characters
    KYLE CARLYLE (age: 32)
    Kyle is a former member of Team Rocket. He has same opinion to Team Rocket as James and Kate. Kyle helped James with transport of Pokemon X. He died during this story.

    DORIAN (age: 30)

    A member of an elite division (Rocket Commando) and commander of squad which traces the traitors and fled Pokémon mutants. He has a scar on his face and blind in one eye.

    GRACE (age: 22)

    Rough and strict member of Rocket Commando. She is almost like a killing machine. They consider her for the most dangerous criminal in the Pokemon World.

    BEA (age: 18)

    Very young, but also very dangerous. She joined Team Rocket at the age of thirteen. At fifteen she became a member of Rocket Commando.

    Other important characters will be added later.

    This is the first version.

    Team Rocket Base

    Pokémon X


    Wild Pokémon

    Other screenshots

    Story: 100%
    Maps: 10%
    Graphics: 1-5%
    Music: 0%
    Sounds: 0%

    My Team
    Story, Maps: Me
    Map corrector: HELP NEEDED
    Graphics (Characters, Pokemon): HELP NECESSARY
    Scripts: HELP NEEDED (not sure now if is really necessary)

    The creators of Pokémon Essentials
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