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Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post
Sure, that doesn't bother me. And haha, my new nickname is gonna be "Mr. Stroppy-head." That's epic.

Thanks for the laugh, have fun with my deprecated, outdated piece of pixel.
No problem dude :-D I'm good with laughs.

PS: Sorry 'bout the attitude y'know.

Originally Posted by I-Like-Shiny-Pichu View Post
Seriously, just grow up and stop overreacting when people try to give you friendly advice

Before you say "I'm not overreacting, I'm replying", I never had a go at you about anything, I calmly explained why Evil Arms posted what he did, and you come back with a load of **** about how I think I'm so special? I was speaking as someone more experienced, giving advice not even to you, but to anyone else who comes across this in the future and doesn't realize you have to credit for resources. I never ever said you were not going to. That is all you. I completely understood that you intended to give credit, that's why I never told you to do so.

Now, I have better things to do than argue with n00bs who threaten me for explaining a situation that they didn't have the full picture of. Good day.
I am not a noob at all. And you say I'm not experienced. I've actually worked for some minor game companies, so that's a reply about experience. Even had some minor roles in major companies, so ha ha to all that crap. Good day.
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