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Normal: Kangaskhan. I really don't like its design.
Fighting: Meditite. Those things bothered the crap out of me in R/S/E.
Flying: Mothim. Nobody cares about Mothim.
Poison: Tentacool. TOO MANY WAY TOO MANY.
Ground: Baltoy, although I like Claydol.
Rock: Nosepass. There's no real reason here; I just don't like it.
Bug: Mothim again.
Ghost: Misdreavus. Mismagius is so pretty, but Misdreavus has a weird head.
Steel: Trash Cloak Wormadam, just to hate on the Burmy line some more.
Fire: Torkoal. It's slow and I hate its dub voice.
Water: Tentacool again because there are just way too many.
Grass: Simisage. I don't find its pompadour that appealing.
Electric: Pachirisu. I've never seen the appeal to it.
Psychic: Lunatone/Solrock. Either one. Thanks, Liza & Tate.
Ice: Delibird. I see no assorted deli meats on this bird.
Dragon: Dragonite. Cute dragon, cute dragon, comical orange dragon.
Dark: Carvanha. It's a shame that such an ugly Pokemon evolves into Sharpedo.