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The Captain's boasting was well-deserved but perhaps a bit too congratulatory if his wealth was not going to be shared with the guests of his ship. Any opportunity to acquire such an item would have turned her head indeed, though not enough to bother calling down a storm and dooming the mission for it. Such were the troubles of possessing power. Though, the potential of visiting Shinguo along with the rest of the journey was promising, for it was a place she would rarely have visited on her own time and likely had all kinds of fashions she could adopt.

"It is a worthy hat indeed. But Dredris, hmm? All that business with human trafficking and so on cannot be very encouraging." Crystia commented flippantly, though her mind was quite focused on the concept of them being stolen away by the well-dressed man and sold as slaves. A collection of some powerful people from Aerion, delivered directly into their hands like a gift from the heavens themselves, and an opportunity only fools or those with honor would squander. Though she doubted their ability to properly incapacitate a mage such as herself, for any use of her not requiring completely restrained limbs would quickly end in escape. The reason being that magic was an excellent equalizer, and elven magic, no less. Those poor human fools left in the grasp of the fearful.

A claim most glorious fell upon Crystia's pointed ears, as one of the armored men that arrived with the air of an ego declared himself the leader of their so-called quest. The last time she had checked, there was no individual leader declared by the Monks, who were perhaps their only superior within the organization, because there would have been no hierarchy otherwise. Not that she would have minded the rule of a competent leader, so this man that named himself Grey would need something of an interrogation before he would be allowed to give commands as though he deserved the recognition.

The inky-haired elf slipped over to the Knight's side and watched him from behind her veil, before she spoke. "Sir Knight, I'm curious of which authority gives you rightful command over those gathered for this quest. Forgive my incredulity, but you are Might I have heard of battles you've won with the clever use of sword-arms?"

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