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    Is anyone else having problems battling people. Either the connection drops or so forth?

    Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
    Nintendo has no way of figuring out who is disconnecting though. I don't get why, because it's pretty obvious that someone who hops back to battle within 10 seconds isn't the one who disconnected. But there you have it, so they decided that the next best thing is to put timed-bans on battling. Graceful workaround, but the time-ban isn't severe enough to put disconnectors off.

    I'm more or less done with the tourney too. Today, I lost at least 5 battles due to hax and pure unluckiness. My current score is just above 1500 and if I keep battling with my current luck, it'll probably drop below 1500.

    At least your is over 1500. I was barely above 1400 and losing to people that are 1350 or less D:<. I pulled out of the challenge my team is pi$s @$$ sh*t
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