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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
I'm a bit suspicous about no second door on the museum. The whole idea was the cut bush allowed you to go in the secret entrance, not sure how you'll be pulling it off inside the museum itself.
That's just one of the things that will come with me basing my maps off of HG/SS. And it really doesn't matter because you're supposed to play this game as if you've never played a Pokemon game before, and this is just some random RPG on the Game Boy Advance that you decided to pick up.

EDIT: Also, my friend asks, Are you a one man team? If so, this is very impressive to do alone.
Yes, I am the sole worker on this hack. However, all the Pokemon sprites are a separate project entirely with several other contributors (the 64x64 DS Sprite Project), and several aspects were made by other people for public use, such as DoesntKnowHowToPlay's Physical/Special split, or Jambo51's numerous ASM routines.

EDIT: Just to let you guys know, I am getting increasingly frustrated with the limitations of FireRed's Pokedex... Even though I've extended the Kanto Dex to show up to 210, the save menu still only shows up to 151, and the Habitat Selections screens only show the first 151 Pokemon in the new Kanto dex, and if you try and catch a Pokemon that's number is higher than 151, it's entry won't show up upon capture. I've been working all morning to try and find these limiters, but I'm having no success at all.

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