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    Originally Posted by lugia.199x View Post
    I just caugh a lv 10 pichu at nusary road and it evolved into pikachu. I wonder if my pikachu can learn Volt Tackle like Ash's pikachu or i must do something else
    P/s: sorry if my english not good
    Yes, it can.

    Originally Posted by BCTElite View Post
    This hack looks great :D
    one problem im having though is that sometimes when a battle starts to during a battle in the forest the game freezes... is this effecting anyone else?
    No one else has reported that happening. It's possible you patched it to a wrong fire red copy or one that was already previously used.


    Hey Everyone. I'm announcing that I won't be participating in this thread any longer. I want to put all of my efforts into Dark Rising 2 and solely focus on it, rather than this hack anymore. I will return to this thread to post AlienhunterX's walkthrough once he's finished with it completely. When I feel the need too I'll correct all of the bugs and errors he reports back to me. I'll also return to it once the upgraded version of this hack is finally complete as well. I hope you all understand that I'm only interested in making the sequel even better than the first and it's already coming out very amazing, I can't wait to share it with those who are interested in finding out the next chapter in the story. I don't feel the need to come back to this hack and I'm ready to put it behind me. I've learned a lot through making Dark Rising 1 and you'll see the huge difference and growth in Dark Rising 2. Btw, the Physical/Special Split is already programmed into the hack as well ^.^. Thank you everyone for playing, I know there's bugs, tile errors, and grammar mistakes here and there. But you need to understand. I'm a casual hacker. I started the hack series to tell a story using custom characters from my imagination and Pokemon. I'm not trying to make a game as great and perfect as the ones you can pick up from retail at a nearby gaming store. That was never my intention to begin with. I love Pokemon, and I like writing stories. I put 2 and 2 together to come up with Dark Rising. I feel honored that it's being noticed and appreciated so highly, but it wasn't made to be an excellent, near flawless game. It was made just for the fun of it. See everyone at the Dark Rising 2 thread coming soon!