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    Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
    Why is a simple tileset request turning into a whole piece of drama? I-Like-Shinu-Pichu is right, you two should grow up a little.
    @Leikaru : Evil Arms spent 6 LONG hours ripping a tileset for YOU and others to use for free. He could have kept it for a private use but he made it public and in RMXP format. So just give him these credits and let's end all of this bloody and dramatic argument. Why should you flame up and insult someone who was giving you an advice?
    For god's flipping sake! Get a grip, man. I apologized. Talk about me flaming, why do it to me. And because of this, you have started yet another war. Is it really that hard to send a PM? If so, I'd recommend you work out at the gym.
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