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    Alright guys, here it is. We all know that people cannot speak to one another with the GTS Negotiations, and those smilies can hardly convey a message. Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow communicate or 'speak' to the other person? Now you can! It isn't the easiest task and you might need help from a friend, but here's what you need to do:


    Step 1: Using Pokemon HG/SS, catch all 26 forms of Unown (the ! and ? are optional)
    Step 2: Transfer them to any 5th Gen game.
    Step 3: Place them in alphabetical order in a single box in the pc. (for easy access)
    Step 4: Make your trainer card greeting let them know what you're doing. For instance, make it say "Behold my UNOWN TALK!" or "Let's have a chat! How about UNOWN?"
    Step 5: Using the GTS Negotiations, select the letters in a specific order to get a sort of 'keyboard' effect, that way you can say things like "HI" or if youre quick enough with typing them, you can make them spell out things like "KRABBY?" or "THANKS".

    Although there are some things to keep in mind, for instance:

    -Not all players speak the same language as you, so check the location listed when the trade partner is selected to see if it's a country that does.
    -Make sure that people know youre saying stuff and not offering unowns.
    -To make this work, you would need a copy of HG or SS, a second Nintendo DS system, or some other form of obtaining the unown.

    I hope this helps some people, and I really hope that this is in the correct category. ;

    Thanks for reading everyone,