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    Emma VanBoven
    (Somewhere on Route 102)
    "Where are we?" Emma sais, trudging along somewhere on Route 102. She was really going in circles, but of course, she didn't know that. Roller and Randall were following suit, both as tired as Emma. "We've been out here for what feel like an hour! I should have listened to that guy at the enterance." She said.
    Once Emma reached the enterance to Route 102, a man warned her of something. "Don't stray from the path, or you'll be eaten by wild Zigzagoons." Of coruse he was kidding, but Emma didn't know that. She's oblivious to a lot of things right now.
    Just then, a Zigzagoon jumped out in front of Emma, and she yelled, "GET AWAY! I"M TOO YOUNG TO BE EATEN! ROLLER! USE TACKLE!" Roller hits the pokemon, who was just as scared as Emma, and fell over. Soon, a little girl comes dashing from the trees, and looks at her pokemon is disbelief.
    "You... You hurt my pokemon..." She said, on the verge of tears.
    "Oh my! I'm so sorry! I-I didn't know it was yours!" Emma said.
    "Yes you did!" she said, pointing at her. "I'm getting daddy you mean lady! DADDY! THIS GIRL HURT ZIGGY!" Pretty soon her dad came, but by then, Emma had left the scene of the crime.
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