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    Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
    It looks like you've overwritten your initial script without re-pointing the parts of it which you have expanded in this revised version. This is because your offsets haven't changed (your scripts both start at the offset 0x9C0B77) and has led to your script becoming garbled later on. Unless you're doing minor edits (that don't increase the overall length) to an already inserted script then you should be using dynamic offsets like how you originally inserted the script rather than using the decompiled version.

    With that, try inserting this with the new version of XSE:

    #dynamic 0x9C0000

    #org @start checkflag 0x800 if 0x1 goto @AnotherPokemon msgbox @WantRiolu? 0x5 compare 0x800D 0x1 if 0x1 goto @TakeRiolu msgbox @Initiation 0x2 release end

    #org @AnotherPokemon msgbox @WantAnother? 0x2 release end

    #org @TakeRiolu givepokemon 0x27 0x5 0x8B 0x0 0x0 0x0 fanfare 0x13E msgbox @FoundRiolu 0x4 waitfanfare closeonkeypress setflag 0x800 msgbox @NicknameRiolu? 0x5 compare 0x800D 0x1 if 0x1 call @Nickname release end

    #org @Nickname fadescreen 0x1 special 0xA1 waitstate return

    #org @WantRiolu? = A Riolu is in a Pokéball.\pDo you want a Riolu?

    #org @Initiation = Well it doesn't seem right, is this\nan initiation?

    #org @WantAnother? = Really you want another one!

    #org @FoundRilolu = \c\h01ÊFound a RIOLU!

    #org @NicknameRiolu? = \c\h01ÊNickname this RIOLU?

    Now it just doesnt work, but i think it's because there has to be three of them for three different pokemon...


    Or Nah?