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    So if I play Pokemon Yellow, there is no need to play re,blue,green, maybe even leaf green and fire red? And if I play, lets say Crystal, there is no need to play Silver soul, silver, gold, and heart gold? I would like to play for example Crystal and soulsilver cos of different graphics (I love both new and old look) but I am not really happy with the fact those five games are the same

    Also, I need another advice. I heard that once batter in Pokemon y/r/b/g/s/g and crystal dies, you can't save any more. So my question is, if it dies, it means I will lose my save, but what if I change the battery? Will I get my save back or I have to play all over again? How can I prevent this from happening?

    Can i lose the save from any other game this way, or all the games later can not lose the save?