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    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    It's only as helpful as you make it. If possible, find a project willing to use your engine that way you HAVE to work on your engine. Making an engine alone is boring.

    Anyway, I'll install Python later (it's been a year since I've used it and didn't install it on this computer yet). You should look for a way to create an executable.
    Great, do let me know if it works I am looking at executables, there are a few possibilities, but unfortunately when you develop in python you trade off very rapid development for a less than ideal distribution...

    Originally Posted by xGeovanni
    I'm a coder, I could try to make myself useful. I don't come on this forum very often though and I only just made an account to post this. I'll PM you my email for if you need to reach me for anything. Are we using Python 2 or 3 here?

    OK super, I'll email you soon. I'm just trying to get the source onto GitHub. We're currently using Python 2, because I think pygame struggles a bit with Python 3. That might have been fixed by now though. In the meantime, if you download the demo I put up and have a look at the source, you can at least get familiar with the project.

    Great to have you on board!
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