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    Guess I'm doing one of those bullet point updates until I can get screencaps up.

    -Entered S.S. Anne, defeated everyone on board with Adachi the Venusaur (including Rival Humbar)
    - Obtained Cut HM
    - Caught Bellsprout to use as HM slave
    - Realized I couldn't get Flash yet because there's only 4 pokemon in my pokedex
    - Decided to skip Lt. Surge anyways and fumble through Rock Tunnel blind.
    - Fumbled through Rock Tunnel blind.
    - Caught a female Vulpix on Route 8, named it Fifi at the request of my sister.
    - Picked up Hot Tea from Celadon City
    - Gained access to Saffron City
    - Dominated the Fighting Dojo with Adachi
    - Obtained Hitmonchan, named it Dudley after the Street Fighter character.
    - Power leveled Fifi and Dudley so they were on par with Adachi
    - Bought Fire Stone from Celadon City
    - Finally went back to Vermillion City
    - Defeated Vermillion City Gym Trainers with Fifi, Fifi learned Flamethrower
    - Seeing no further excuse not to, evolved Fifi.
    - Beat Lt. Surge with Dudley and Fifi
    - Went Back to Celadon City
    - Defeated Erika with Fifi alone.

    Current team:

    Adachi the Male Venusaur, Lv. 41
    Sleep Powder
    Leech Seed
    Razor Leaf

    Dudley the Hitmonchan, Lv. 32
    Keen Eye
    Comet Punch
    Sky Uppercut

    Fifi the Female Ninetails, Lv. 33
    Flash Fire
    Will'o Wisp
    Confuse Ray
    Quick Attack

    Badges: 4/8

    Next Objective: Sort out this whole Game Corner/Pokemon Tower nonsense so I can get the PokeFlute and by extension the last of my team, Tentacool (to evolve to Tentacruel), Venonat (to evolve to Venomoth) and Poliwhirl (to trade for Jynx).
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