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Pikachu never stopped being the IT Pokémon of the games, regardless of its absence in Gen V. Why else would they have incorporated it into Unova even if it wasn't native or available to be caught in the region? Pikachu was and always will be the staple of the franchise even if it doesn't play a major role in the games ─ which is why it was on top of the Eiffel Tower shocking the world; it's the face of Pokémon.

Besides, Pikachu has never really had much of a big importance other than in Pokémon Yellow and the anime. Other than that, it's always been treated as your average Pokémon.

Based on the trailer, Pikachu will likely be found once again in the wild. I don't think it's going to have much purpose in the games or its storyline though. Meanwhile, we're still more than likely going to get another Pikachu clone represented for the region. There usually always is.
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