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I got a new legendary weapon! I killed a chubby Varkid in Caustic Caverns and found the Bunny. It's a cute pink rocket launcher. Its special effect is that although a Tediore reload, its reload bounces around like a bunny.

@Razor Leaf: I'm currently level 45 with my Gunzerker and I am still using my slagged Conference Call. ^.^ I temporarily stopped using my Siren because she carries some 5 million cash (a random player traded me 60 million, most of it lost to the New-U station!). But yeah, I like my albeit underleveled CC still. I use it for its special effect rather than its raw damage; I slag the entire room so that my teammate can pick off enemies. CC shoots everywhere, lol. The Warrior (or the Rakks, not too sure) dropped it and I wasn't even working hard for it. B)

Very cool legendary weapons! I've done that mission in the Dust a few times, but I've found nothing. I'll pass my legendaries down to my lower level characters when I can't make good use of them anymore. I've been abusing the bank glitch to store infinite weapons; do you know about it?

I agree that Flynt is very powerful. When I am playing solo, I just accept death and attack him from the platform where the ammo vending machine is. I don't think I have any problems with other bosses. I struggled a bit with the Bunker on the first play through. I'm being bombarded and I had to run ;D from robots. I later realized that there are tons of hiding places. Sit and scope, really.

Plenty of creatures annoy me. I cannot stand threshers, especially the black hole versions that drag me into their spikes. Varkids are annoying too because they can easily overwhelm me if they transform into adult varkids. Don't get me started on Rakks - my brother plays really well, and even Rakks can divebomb him, sending him into Fight For Your Life mode.

@Reki: Yeah, the drops rates are astronomically low. I try to just play the game and come across random legendary weapons rather than do true farming (basically beat boss, check loot, reset if unsatisfied). I miss miss miss using Phaselock. It's very useful for separating big boys or just making Surveyors hold still. It was an absolute mess to tackle the Hyperion robot slaughter house in Ore Chasm without a Siren. I'm always looking for cool SMGs, so I can't wait to find my own B, haha.

@Ozzy: Yup! There was another way to infinitely kill the Rakk in the Warrior's room - use a weapon that does not consume ammo. I think it's either a Unique or a Legendary. The name escapes me. Just hold the fire button down and watch 'em drop! I find Gaige and her Deathtrap to be more simple to use for farming Rakks if one is willing to fork over the money.

I'm in no rush to try out the DLC, but if I had to rank them (from what I have read), the Torgue DLC is best, followed by Scarlett and then Hammerlock. I'm reading on the official forums that Hammerlock's DLC was a major letdown. It was overhyped and there aren't quite too many 'big hunt' adventures. The three DLC are too short, so I am waiting for price cuts... Maybe I'm cheap, who knows. Anyone else playing the DLC and/or Gaige?
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