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Love this actually, even though not a whole lot has been done to the original stock. But sometimes, it's good to know when to stop manipulating a stock.

Anyway, onto your latest piece. I actually seen this in someone's signature and knew it was either a Dero style rip or yours haha. Get out of your comfort zone! In saying that, this one is slightly different for you, and I like it. I like the macabre feel to it. You need to stop using these boxes though, behind text, they completely kill flow. It works in some cases, but eh, I've stopped doing it recently because I know how much of a cop out it is haha. Anyway, I'm not going to keep going on about your text in every post I make. You should keep trying different kinds of stocks, they're way more powerful than anime/manga/gaming stocks. Try more stock photography, it's a lot more challenging and certainly brings you into a more artistic era when it comes to art and tagging.

Also your colour schemes, you've made your trademark red and blue pretty clear, so I'd recommend trying something new. Glad to see you improving with the use of textures, but I'd love to see some experimentation from you buddy!
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