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I dunno, I could see an "open-minded society" working, one where there is no such thing as a niche and if someone doesn't like something then it would be for genuine reason rather than prejudice.

...However, I think the reason that such a society sounds so absurd is because we live in a society that is so dependent on niche and and prejudice; it's in everything we do. I think of it like I think of 1984 (if any of you have read it); the people in the book, save for a few, do not feel that they are being oppressed because, for the most part, that is all they no of what society is supposed to be. They don't know life is like without Big Brother, or without Telescreens, and without the thought police. They would probably say that our world is the absurd one, because we would seem crazy and too unrestricted by comparison. That's really us and how we look at a completely, or mostly open minded society.
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