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    The Bunny is fun to use, although I don't have it. I never use Rocket Launchers anyways because of their low ammo count, even with Max upgrades.

    I haven't tried Torgue's Campaign yet, but I have played through Captain Scarlett and Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt. From my experience, both DLCs were too plain, both in terms of storyline, location, and content. I mainly use Scarlett's DLC to farm the "Leviathan" treasure chests for legendaries, and that's about it. I haven't touched Hammerlock's DLC in a while, and when I do it's usually when i'm helping a friend with it.

    I have a Gaige who I rarely use, only because she isn't my kind of character. Although I love seeing her Deathtrap absolutely destroy everything in it's path, especially with an Inflammable shield equipped.

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