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Originally Posted by xxkaylabby View Post
amazing gallery so far! i love the coloring you do, it's amazing.
this one is a little flat to me, i wish there was some more lighting effects. also, i think the image could be a bit more sharpened. i think a couple of them should be more sharpened.
i love the c4d's/textures you use. i wanna know where you get them xD
can't wait to see more.
Glad you like them and yeah I also think I should sharpen some of these more, lol. As for the C4Ds, I really just google C4D packs.
Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
Dero always knows the best way of saying things. :3

Anyway, Zero (HAH! Zero, Dero... similar names lmao) your tags are amazing! This piece is absolutely stunning! I agree with Dero, that tag really stands out from the rest. The others are awesome, mind you, but that tag is the perfect marriage of colors, blending, details, blacks, lights, subject, text, everything! Speaking of which, I would love to see more text in your works! I know you said you suck at them... But some of these tags are positioned so perfectly, like this one for instance, that they're just begging to have a little text in there.

Also, I don't think that red lighting [speaking of the same piece] is too much, but that's just my untrained eye. The way I see it, her eyes are green, so red is naturally a compliment if used correctly and in the right places. I can't see anything inherently bad about the red lighting, so therefore it must be a good thing! xP

I am super impressed by these! I really hope you keep posting!
Oh you're right, guess I should change my username to Zerodio to be an anagram of Derozio xD;
Well, I guess I'll try to do text more and you're right, that tag looks pretty empty without text but ehh I just don't wanna mess it up with my terrible text skills. I'll try adding some text later and see how that works. On the red lighting, I just thought it was a little too bright to where it might've messed with the main lighting in the top left side of the tag.

New tag:

I'm not too sure about this one, I was just messing around with textures and trying to make them blend with the tag. I like it, but there's something that I'm just not sure about and I don't know what it is. CnC?

This one I did in the beginning of the year but I never did upload it, it's a vertical tag attempt. Don't really like it that much but I figured I should share it for others to see. ;

also, eh, gonna add a couple of drawings(extremely large images so I'll just link to them)
Sanae - quick portrait/sketch of Sanae from Touhou
Futo - I never did finish colouring the bottom half of her dress, I should finish it >.>
Remilia - drew it in pen real quick and coloured it lightly, I realize her eyes are a bit too far apart lol
Satori - Another unfinished piece.I suck at eye placement XD; but I do like the colouring I did on her 3rd Eye(the red thing on her chest)
Toyosatomimi no Miko - this one's my absolute favourite. Done in Sharpie, however I did use a few references on it. I wish I could make more art like this, or the style of art on my current signature hah. I need to invest on a scanner

I had some other drawings but I probably won't post them(ecchi) and because I want my gallery to be mostly towards digital/graphic design.
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