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10: Mewtwo. Obvious
9: Blissey. Never be sick again
8: Wailord. Eat 1000 ice creams at once
7: Pikachu. Be loved by everyone
6: Snorlax: Sleep... Never moves... Eats... Sleep
5: Genesect: A robotic bug with a cannon on its back... AWESOME
4: Reshiram. So fluffy...
3: Joktik. So tiny...also can walk on walls
2: Dialga or Palkia. Can travel through time and space
1: Zoroark. Can create illusions. Illusions of pretty much anything. Never have to do homework again.

1. Typhlosion - Typhlosions awesome and I gots flaming vents from my back
Also, typhlosions are bears too.
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