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Originally Posted by KriegStein View Post
Now that atie mentioned it It was kinda weird when you catch a fakemon and the box sprite is something else. Also the crys of fakemon and 4th gen seem to be those of the original pokedex. (aka the pokemon that they replaced in the pokedex) It doesnt realy hurt the game play but its kinda weird when turtwig sounds like pidgey.

Oh yeah... I was just wandering this. Manipulation is there a list of what original 1st to 4th gen pokemon will be in sienna? Or have you planned it already?

Also do you still need help with the tilesets and stuff? I might be able to do something. I just need to know what you want, what image type etc etc. :)
I sure do:

1st Gym - Normal Type, Female Leader
2nd Gym - Fighting Type, Male Leader
3rd Fire Type, Male Leader***
4th Electric Type, Female Leader
5th Dark Type, Male Leader
6th Ice Type, Male Leader***
7th Flying Type, Male Leader
8th Dragon Type, Female Leader***

The one's with asterix's next to them are the priorities. I'm not 100% sure what I want so any ideas as well as tilesets would be great. (I can do all insertion of tiles)
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