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Cheryll Renee Moreau

Cheryll managed a small smile as Frio introduced himself and even complemented her, but she grew more nervous when he said she should have a lot of friends. She went quiet a few minutes watching the sky get darker before she finally stood up. " was nice to you" she stuttered "b..but.." She sighed pausing "I....I don't....h...have f....friends" she managed to get out nervously before running off in the direction of the girls dorm.

I tried....but I'm no good at talking to people she thought sadly as she returned to her room. Looking around she saw she still didn't have a roommate which relaxed her slightly. Grabbing her Pj's Cheryll went in the bathroom and quickly showered and changed before outing a bandaid on her knee. With another sad sigh Cheryll laid down and put her glasses on the nightstand and quickly fell asleep.

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