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    Day 9, Route 30

    [SIZE="3"]I think I’ve mastered it already. I mean the Pokémon training question. It’s not that hard if you think about it like if you were a coach and the creatures were your boxers or whatsoever. The point is simple: they have to fight against each other and only one can win the battle, knocking the opponent out. I wanted to try it, now that I have two Pokémon and I don’t depend on other trainers to do it, because I can put Schoener and Bufon – derived from Bufo, a genus of toads, and Buffon, the Italian goalkeeper – battling against each other. I’ve already learn that Ferroseed likes the opponent to attack first and has an interesting attack involving his spikes, where he tackles the opponent and scratches it with his spikes. Bufon on the other hand, likes to be the first to attack, creating an advantage. He’s quite energetic and has an even more interesting attack that puts the foe to sleep and lets him attack until it wakes up. Also he can shoot a jet of bubbles from his mouth (the little pink thing, over his belly, is his mouth, not his nose!) and hurt the opponent with them. He tried that with Schoener but it almost didn’t do a scratch! I’m glad I choose a metallic type.
    We are almost reaching the fire. I can feel the scent of scorched trees and land that floats in the air. Buffon is starting to cough, so it’s better if I return him to his Pokéball. I’m expecting to come across a large amount of trainers and it’s better if I don’t show them all of my team. Schoener can be quite intimidating when he tries to attach to other people, so I guess he can stay out of his Pokéball. Or not…

    «Hey, Schoener, where are you going?»

    Not a single “word”.

    «Schoener, we shouldn’t go by the main path. We can risk stumbling on a…»

    Trainer… A really tall and suntanned one. He’s about six feet, but that dark spiky hair adds him a few more inches, making him look like a really tall broom made of dark and polished cherry wood. Schoener is standing in front of him, blocking his way, staring like a cat who just wants to be hugged. Please, fellow trainer, do not do what your mind is tricking you to do. He’s not looking at you and waiting for a hug; he’s looking at your hair, stronzo! It’s so spiky that he thinks that you carry a female Ferroseed on top of your head. He’s just infatuated.


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