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    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    Are you using MS paint to insert tiles (I use XP, cuz we gud liek dat yo)? If you're not I think you should. Another thing you can do is what Fuji suggested, and work from a back up. Though if you have the desired tile set (and the colors are compatible i.e RGB# is a multiple of 8), then you can simply open the palette editor and change the colors to match and insert (shouldn't take more than 10 mins). Also, make sure advance map is the most recent version :)

    I am using XP I just have windows 7 theme...

    I already did that but it still the same when loading a tileset... :/ No, I inserted the tileset but it looks monocolored but when I open the pallete editor it's the pallete that I wanted... :/

    I am using 95 but I thought to myself maybe it's because there are many bugs with 95 but when I tried it in 92 it's still the same.