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    I updated my first post with new hire information. I am really looking forward to making this game, but I need some help with sprites and scripting so I can make screenshots and form new ideas for the game. Music is also something I am working on, but I need those with the knowledge of creating custom .mp3 or midi music. (I got a new MIDI keyboard, so I am learning and starting to make some custom tracks.) I was thinking electronic/techno/dubstep and, of course, ambient sounding music and sound effects. Any more ideas?

    Also! I want to run another idea for characters. What do people think about voice-over from each NPC/Trainer? I would need different actors/actress for each character, including earlier Trainers that would appear in World Championships. I could still keep text speeds, because that doesn't affect the voices. The program would have to cut off the voice tracks if the player wanted to press A to go to the next part of the text however, but... most game with voice overs do so anyways. Comment and let me know what you all think! I understand this topic to be a little extreme and would take a large amount of work, but I feel it would be a good investment in the long run.

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