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Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post
Now is my map!!!
Map Name: Give me a cool name for it..xD
Map game: Fire Red
Notes: This is the third town of my old hack if i am not wrong. It is meant to be a simple town so yeah.. and i map it for my hack so ignore the tile error at some of the place because the player wont be able to see them...and ignore the border...haha
I do really like the look of the map so it is hard to give criticism but, at first glace the building in the bottom right does look out of place, and the use of 4 different types of house on one map might be a tad to much, it looks good as a map shot but might feel odd actually playing the game. Finally having tree's covering the front of houses is something I have never seen before and I cant quite make my mind up on that so you might need another opinion.

Overall a really good map 9/10

Right ho, I have not made a map in at least a year so this was kind of a test run to see if I have completely lost it... =p
(sorry cant post pictures or url's yet, so here is the deviant art link.)
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