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    Only game I'll get day one this year is Luigi's Mansion 2, and Game & Wario if that's out this year. Otherwise, I'm waiting for price drops. I'm also gonna beat Metal Gear Solid 1 before buying MGR Revengeance. (If you haven't, play the demo!) Fire Emblem 13 can also wait until summer.

    Otherwise, games that I REALLY want are games from previous years. Already ordered Another Code and Rhythm Tengoku online and looking to get DK Jungle Beat tomorrow, but I still want The Last Window and Densetsu no Starfy 3 to name a few. And a GBA Micro. (my old GBA got scratches, my GBA SP is lost and my DS Lites got some broken hinges/buttons lol.)

    This year is definitely looking much better than the last for games to be released, though. (Rhythm Heaven Fever notwithstanding. :P )

    EDIT: Forgot about The Last of's out in May, so I might get it early depending on the situation. I personally cannot wait to play as Kanji in stealth action.

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