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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
I am using XP I just have windows 7 theme...

I already did that but it still the same when loading a tileset... :/ No, I inserted the tileset but it looks monocolored but when I open the pallete editor it's the pallete that I wanted... :/

I am using 95 but I thought to myself maybe it's because there are many bugs with 95 but when I tried it in 92 it's still the same.
Do you have a 16 color version of what's coming up as all green in A-Map? And have you tried inserting them onto a clean ROM then patching it over? If you're doing something wrong with inserting it, shouldn't insert properly on the clean ROM. If it does insert onto the clean ROM just patch it on the ROM you're working on

Time for me to pose a question. How do I do this:

Maybe with the down arrow too? I'm asking for FireRed. This screenshot is from Foullump's White Version.


You would have to use hex.
Up = [F7]
Down = [F8]
Left = [F9]
Right = [EF]
Is there no way to do it in the script editor?


Welp, I ended up figuring it out. If you're interested:

Here they are for PKSV:
\h79 - Up
\h7A - Down
\h7b - Left
\h7c - Right

For XSE it's simply just square brackets and a capital letter. Hope that helps