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In Front of Boy Dorm

Kakusu was still as he felt something poking him in his ribs. A burnt smell prevailed through Kakusu’s nose although he had no burns on his body, something that was expected since he was a Yoko. He lay there for a moment, with his eyes closed feeling nothing but pain and the nudging of somebody who was probably no doubt testing if he was alive. He quivered for a split second, to exhibit a sign of life and then coughed up a cloud of smoke and cinders.

Kakusu slowly opened his eyes and everything was blurry and hard to distinguish although he could see a boy poking him now,. Kakusu struggled to get to his feet and succeeded for a moment before succumbing to soreness in his legs and falling again. He slowly sat up, making sure not to irritate his legs and observed his surroundings He could now make out the boy looking frightened for some odd reason and they appeared to be in front of the dorms, though it made a little bit of sense, he must have fell out the window or something.

Slowly getting to his feet, Kakusu attempted to run but clumsily staggered over to the doors and ran to retreat into his dorm, regaining the ability to run although it made him a little dizzy. The boy that he saw was definitely the one who screamed in his dorm, although Kakusu didn’t even know if he was his roommate. It was so idiotic of him for is introduction to go that way if so…

Kakusu opened the door of their room and sat on his bed, waiting to see if the boy would come into the room. If so, then this boy was his roommate and he was off to a bad start.

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