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You misread his post Syddy. He's sayin that the traded Pokemon doesn't gain more EVs than normal Pokemon. Either way in-game or global, chances that they aren't EV trained is high. If yiu recieve them at a high level, yes they'll appear weaker only because they have not been trained. Though, no it is not harder to EV train a trade Pokemon.
Okay good, I'm glad because I was like "whoa, never heard that before!" Haha.

So if I play Pokemon Yellow, there is no need to play re,blue,green, maybe even leaf green and fire red? And if I play, lets say Crystal, there is no need to play Silver soul, silver, gold, and heart gold? I would like to play for example Crystal and soulsilver cos of different graphics (I love both new and old look) but I am not really happy with the fact those five games are the same

Also, I need another advice. I heard that once batter in Pokemon y/r/b/g/s/g and crystal dies, you can't save any more. So my question is, if it dies, it means I will lose my save, but what if I change the battery? Will I get my save back or I have to play all over again? How can I prevent this from happening?

Can i lose the save from any other game this way, or all the games later can not lose the save?
Personally, I think that GSC and HGSS are similar, but still have enough differences to make them different enough that I'd recommend both Crystal and SoulSilver. You should play both! Maybe not at the same time or right after one another, but if you like new and old, you should give them both a play. I think you'd enjoy them both.

With FRLG and RBY though, there isn't as much different as there is with GSC and HGSS. I personally prefer RBY, but I know many prefer FRLG so I don't really know if I could recommend one over the other. You could do like what I recommended with Crystal and SoulSilver, just play Yellow and then later play FireRed or LeafGreen, just not consecutively or at the same time. Yellow is a bit more different that FRLG of course, so you'll find more differences between them than Red/Blue and FRLG. So in this case, I'd recommend Yellow and then follow up with FR or LG. But probably not RB.

As for batteries, yes those old batteries die and you will lose your save. You can replace the battery, however when you do, you'll lose that save. :( Either way, you're gonna lose the save. If you have a way to trade your Pokemon to one game, that'd be great. You could trade your Pokemon to one game, replace the battery, and trade those Pokemon back to that game and, if you'd like, replace the battery of the game you just traded them from. Hopefully that makes sense.

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