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At home and out at restaurants is mostly the same for me except that at restaurants:
- I'll wear a napkin on my lap (although, I guess I do that a formal family gatherings too like Christmas)
- drink more (at home, I'll normally grab a drink after)
- If eating something messy (like ribs or wings), I'll clean my face a lot more often than I would at home; because at home who cares?
- I will eat pizza with a fork and knife. When I'm out and order pizza, it isn't delivery-style, it is too think to pick up and bite (unless I roll it up I guess, but that would be weird)

I know I eat... quickly. So, I'm probably a lot louder than I realize. Hopefully not.

I want to learn to use chopsticks (properly. Right now I just stab things to get it on the stick)
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