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I'll get this, I've been needing to RNG another Eevee anyway. I've done a ton, lol. btw, it'd really help if you knew what you wanted to evolve this into, because I'm not gonna pick a crappy nature and IVs. If you just want a shiny Wish Eevee, you'd be better off checking another shop and not worrying about IVs and natures, or offering on one of the ones Mac already had RNG'd. I really would rather not go through the effort to RNG this one if you can't be a bit more specific, and Mac already has three shiny Wish Eevee with different natures (Adamant, Bold, and Modest).

Not gonna start yet as I need an answer, lol. But if you really don't care about natures and IVs, I suggest offering for one of Mac's or checking another shop.

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