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There are loads of random cards in there, like the Armed Dragons, the Kuribohs, Silent Swordsman LV5 and Emerald Tortoise. IMO, they need their own decks to work. You need to focus on one theme of the deck and it seems that Spellcasters are prominent (Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl). I wouldn't put too much focus on Gilford, as he's somewhat hard to bring out and this deck has a rough time with getting out many monsters on the field at once.

Also, Snowman Eater > Man-Eater Bug. It doesn't get screwed over by Nobleman of Crossout if 2-3 copies of it are used, as Snowman Eater isn't a Flip Effect monster.

Removing the non-Spellcaster monsters would be a start for this deck. Adding in several copies of Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl in the deck would make summoning Sorcerer of Dark Magic (or Xyz Summoning) easier. However, the Gagagas are weak on their own, so you'll need to bring them out quickly before your opponent has a chance to destroy them. Cards like Magician's Circle or Mystic Tomato would help.

Effect Veiler would also be worth considering as she temporarily stops your opponent from making big plays with their monsters.

I don't rate YGO decks too often, so anyone here can elaborate/expand.