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    update #3

    i have the fire stone to evolve vulpix i'm getting both of the ore's needed to evolve the eevees and the ore for golem in the next town
    made my way up route 4 and colress was there talking to me
    Colress challenged me to a battle deadmau taking hits like a champ :D his porygon2 would of ko'd everyone if deadmau didn't have yawn
    got to nibasa and went to get the stuff needed for some evolutions
    Found the frozen ore
    found the woodland ore
    found out i could of gotten the convent ore before i even caught Riane so back to castila woo
    arrived back at castila and went into the sewers to get the ore
    Decided too many wild pokemon in the sewers so
    Jasmine evolved into Leafeon
    Blueberry evolved into Glaceon
    spent like 3hours looking for that ore that didn't exist the info sheet was wrong ill get it in drifveil
    went back to nibasa and rode the roller coster at the old gym
    went to the ferris wheel and rode it
    went to the little/big stadiums
    found flannery
    trained everyone to level 37
    Challenged Flannery Deadmau pretty much solo'd her except for when he died blueberry handle'd her last pokemon with earth power
    4 out of 6 of my pokemon are weak to fire and she was one of the easiest hoenn gym leader yet :D
    went to to the 4th gym im overlvled yay
    Challenged Elesa elesa was a very easy fight... her zebstrika had a power herb i used EQ on deadmau it bounced power herb activated bounce hit EQgoes off and fainted

    Team so far
    Rocketman Genesect
    lvl 37 serious nature
    slash/flame charge/metal claw/screech

    Deadmau Quadsire
    lvl 39 relaxed nature
    Aqua tail/yawn/acid spray/earthquake

    Tina Vulpix
    lvl 37 Careful nature
    Flamethrower/will-0-wisp/confuse ray/faint attack

    Riane Graveler
    lvl 39 Docile nature
    Rock polish/Rock blast/Bulldoze/Rollout

    jasmine Leafeon
    lvl 38 Mild nature
    synthesis/razor leaf/psycho cut/swords dance

    Blueberry Glaceon
    lvl 38 hasty nature
    ice fang/Frost breath/Quick attack/earth power