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She walked always with the words, "I don't have friends" then running away. I sighed, pulling blades of grass out of the spot where I sat. Then I looked up at the orange sky, the days were so much longer here, I liked it better.

She left before I could say to her, "Me neither." But I still muttered it to myself. I liked her, she was a lot like me, alone. "I suppose I'll see her again tomorrow." I stood up, my clothes now grass stained, and walked toward what I thought were the dorms. "Maybe I'll see all of them in class, I forgot to ask so maybe they are." I nodded, "And maybe others too."

Once I got in the boys dorm room, it took my an hour to find my room. Once I got inside I wasn't very tired, and I couldn't think of anything to do, so I did what I always do when I can't sleep. I worked out, I did about 50 push ups, then 20 one handed. Then I did the standard leg lifts, curl ups, and stretches. I looked outside, not very much light, but I wanted to do a little running so I grabbed my journal, wrote the room number in it and ran outside. I ran until I found the school track, then did a mile on it. It didn't really feel like I was pushing myself, so I did another while sprinting the straights. That tired me out, and I felt out of breath, so I jogged back into where the dorms were and checked my journal. It was now completely dark outside, but I could see under the moonlight a note that said to call my sister.

"No, no she is going to be worried, I'm late calling to check in..." I frantically looked for a pay phone, when my pants started to vibrate. I jumped suddenly, unaware that there was also a tone playing. I pat myself down and pulled out a cell phone. "When did I get one of these..." I answered it and my sister was on the line.

"I've been calling for hours, why didn't you answer?"

"I didn't know I had a cell phone..."

"I took all the money you've been giving me and put it into getting you one and a plan. You have enough money saved up that you won't have to worry about the fees for a while." I never thought the money I gave her was going toward something for me. Though I probably should have. "You also have a separate account for luxuries, I slipped the bank card into your wallet. It only let's you take out 20$ a day, so don't be careless."

"Thanks, but I gave you all my money, why didn't you spend it on something?"

"It's your money, I just put it away until you could live alone. I must say all that overtime and extra hours plus bonuses really add up." She changed the subject, "Make any new friends?"

"Yea I made three." I heard the words please hold and a tune for a few minutes.

Frio's sister put the phone call on hold and almost cheered, she called her parents and told them the good news. "Frio has friends!"

"That's nice honey," Her mother said indifferently, "I'm glad he isn't useless." Frio's sister felt anger growing in her stomach, her mother and father were so apathetic toward Frio, it was no wonder he never enjoyed company.

She didn't answer, just hung up and switched back to Frio's call.

I heard my sister's voice on the other end again. "Sorry, had to call mom and dad to tell them."

"Were they happy?" I said, hoping it was what they wanted.

"Uhhh, yeah they were excited." I sighed relieved, I'd always wanted to make them happy. "So who are they?"

"Well I remember the names well, but I also wrote them down so I couldn't forget. Cheryll is my favorite name, but there is also Elene, and Elise." There was a long pause before his sister responded.

"Wait... Those are all girl's names." She sounded shocked.

"Yea, and they were really nice, but two of them kicked me while I was napping." She told me to wait again.

"You are saying you made nothing but female friends?" She repeated.


She sighed heavily, "I'm not really sure what you did, but I really hope this isn't a bad sign."

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing, just go to bed, it is late. I don't want you taking any girls into your room got it? I'll visit the academy on weekends to make sure you are not getting in trouble."

"Ok, bye."

"Bye" And then she hung up. I walked to my room as instructed, found my room, then layed in bed until I fell asleep. Which didn't take long because I was pretty tired, I think there may have been another in the room, but I didn't pay attention.
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