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Originally Posted by geoisevil View Post
Your OW's look great, they are really accurate to the designs :D
Thanks :D

Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Nice one Dreamengine! They look pretty good...

I might help you out with this if you want... :/

Also will you do Pokemon OW's?
For now I'm doing this alone, but hey you never know. Maybe in the future I'll be too lazy. Unfortunately no. I won't be doing Pokemon OW's as well. Maybe in the future if I see a need to, but for now there are plenty of other resources.

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
I don't mean to be a bubble buster.

Regardless, these are just as good.
Yeah, I saw those before I started mine. Personally I don't like most of them because they look kinda sloppy. No offense to 874521, but I prefer mine :/
I support...
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