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Definitely renewed my love for Unova. Black and White were absolutely amazing, don't get me wrong, but Black 2 and White 2 really stepped it up a notch. Finally, since the release of Gold/Silver we have a legitimate continuation of a storyline, rather than a remake of it. These weren't a "third game" in the least, were every little thing was the same as before just only slightly different, this completely changed it up.

Victory Road's gate was probably my favorite revamp of all time. I mean, so high-tech, and I actually felt like I was entering a place of strength and experience, rather than just another cave!

The PWT was a great nod to the Battle Frontier. The mechanics of how you earn points were pretty challenging, and the fact that you can literally battle any gym leader from any region was pretty sweet as well. c:

All in all I say these are the greatest games to me, and I highly doubt that'll change anytime soon.
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