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Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever Let's Play video series. I decided to play Pokémon White since I've played pretty much every other version available for the DS in the past couple months. The last time I played a full playthrough of White was over a year ago, so I'm primed to replay it anew and not know what's around the corner.

I Like to play through somewhat blind as I feel that gives more spontaneity and better reactions during gameplay. I'm getting started now so I can hopefully get much better for a future video playthrough of Pokémon X or Y in October later this year.

Well enough introduction, let's get to the Let's Play. Here's the Video, but for those with slower internet who would rather just read a long play version, I've included it in the spoiler below the video.
Episode 1, Juniper gives us a Pokémon!
so I woke up this morning to find a big package on my desk. The note attached says it's from Professor Juniper and I have to open it when my friends Cheren and Bianca come over. Mom must have set it up here when I was asleep. Well, let's take a quick peek anyway, what's the harm in that…(HEY!!) oops, Cheren caught me! (Cheren: No peeking, the notes we all got say you have to wait for us to open it) Ok, where is Bianca anyway? [Minutes tick by…]
Finally! Bianca, you're late, again! well now that we're all here let's find out what's in here. Nice! There's 3 Pokéballs in here, looks like we each get a Pokémon!. I'll take this one!

Oshawott (male)
Water type/ Torrent
Tackle, Tail Whip

Neat I got an Oshawott! {Bianca wants to Battle} Not in my room, we'll make a mess! {Bianca doesn't listen and begins to battle with Tepig anyway) Oshawott, use Tackle until Tepig gives up! Nice, we won! (Cheren heals Oshawott, then challenges me to a battle too. "I can't make your room any more of a mess right?") Oshawott use tackle until Snivy gives up! Nice, We won again! ok well let's go downstairs, my mom's probably going to be mad.

Sorry mom we- [It's alright dear, you run along and thank the Professor for your Pokémon!] but shouldn't we- [Don't worry about your room, just go on] Umm thanks mom! See you. Ok so, there's Cheren by the Professor's cottage, but where's Bianca? She probably went home to show her parents her Tepig, Oh good here she comes now. Hello Professor Juniper! What's that, a nickname for my Oshawott? Sure, I'll call him Pallet! and a Pokédex too! Wow, this is like my birthday. Ok I'll meet you on Route 1.
Hi mom! you knew all of this was going to happen, way to find a way to get me out of the house, Dad's probably going to be so ticked that he wasn't here for this. A Town Map, now I can't get lost, GPS would have been nicer, but you know I like old fashioned things anyway. Thanks mom see you later!
So that's how I catch a Pokémon, neat thanks for the Pokéballs Professor. Hmm that Patrat over there looks a little scrawny, but this Lillipup looks strong. I think I'll call him Viridian! Neat! off to Accumula Town!

Party after Episode 1
Pallet the Oshawott
Level 7
Tackle, Tail Whip, Watergun

Viridian the Lillipup
Level 4
Leer, Tackle
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