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    Originally Posted by Garuga17 View Post
    Whoa, thanks dude! I was planning to use slam animation, but i never thought about knock off, thank you! :D
    no problem :D I stumbled across the knock-off animation when i created a dragon tail attack that should also disable the foes item and thought well knock off sure looks like a tail attack :)

    EDIT.: If you want the star that shows the impact to be blue (for the more waterish feeling), go to the last 02 xx xx 3E in the knock off animation (and you entire animation) which should be the star marking the impact. Go to that position ( 3E xx xx ) and copy the animation data you find here (should start with yy 27 yy 27 ... 08) and is 24 bytes (1,5 lines) long to some place (i prefer the end of my animation) and then repoint the 02 xx xx 3E to that position. After that you just have to experiment and replace the second yy byte in your yy 27 yy 27 part (which is responsible for the colour) with another palette (as your bubbles start with 00 zz 27 or 00 zz 28 you can just copy that zz value and replace the second yy value with it) so you get the blue impact star. :)

    As for the fangs try to leave out the bite part and start with the punch-animations again and just remove that 02 xx xx 3E part for the punch :) and i think you misunderstood the part about removing everthing between two 02 xx xx 3Es :o you just have to remove about 1 line and a little more so when you see a 05 or 04 14 or 19 one line lower this is normally where you have to stop deleting :)
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