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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    Release 1.2

    Originally I didn't plan to release any further Beta's as I felt no more work was needed, however after taking a look at the Documents I felt they were in need of an overdue update.

    First, I have created an extra Document which lists the Evolutions, Item Changes, Ability Changes etc which do have a couple of new entries. I have created a separate Document for Level Up & Stat Changes which both are much more clear and readable than previously. This was my main aim for this release to sort out any misleading information on the Documents and to give them all a general tidy up.

    Another couple of little extras I have added is two small events for Snorlax & Lapras, rather than finding them in the wild which is kind of lazy, I have assigned events to them similarly to the starters and legendaries. I've also added a couple of extra helpful items into the game whicn includes the Thick Club that can be found at Mossdeep City for Marowak.

    Finally, I have edited some of the Wild Pokemon locations so that they are more suited to the habitat they are found in. I have made sure that all Pokemon that are usually found on Water Routes that you can only catch by obtaining Surf such as Seel, Feebas, Qwilfish etc. are all available before the third gym, these can be obtained by using the Old Rod on specific Routes or Towns (You can find a list of all these in the Wild Pokemon Locations Document)

    So basically I would recommend downloading this Beta as it has a major aesthetic change to the Documents providing much more clear information, a few tweaks to leaders (and others) teams i.e Flannery now uses Flareon and you can obtain some Event Pokemon in a more interactive way.

    A couple of images of the changes for Beta 1.2 below.
    Nicely done bro!!! By the way is that a Snorlax a shiny one? Looks like it???
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