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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
The Screen Actor Guild Awards are on! I can say I'm a little surprised Tommy Lee Jones won Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role. More Robert de Niro, please! ): I guess Hathaway wasn't satisfied with just a Golden Globe for her performance in Les Miserables.

We'll see how the evening plays out.
I found Tommy Lee Jones totally bland and forgettable in Lincoln. I really don't get the love. From here, it looks like de Niro may not be able to win after all (though I'm still rooting for him, and Hoffman). I don't mind Hathaway's win at all (I'm not fond of her performance in retrospect, but I understand the love, unlike TLJ).

Very, very happy J-Law won. Her speech was genuine and I loved it. I'm also fairly glad Chastain lost Oscar traction with this loss (I love her, but I wouldn't give her an Oscar for a film where I have nothing in particular to say about besides its technical merit).

Pretty cool that Argo won Best Ensemble (I'd rather it go to the much smaller cast of SLP, but I'm okay with whatever Argo wins).

Yay for Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin winning again :D Cranston winning is also awesome, as well as Danes.