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The Location Challenge


You are an aspiring Pokémon Trainer, ready to start your journey. You've spent the past few years learning more and more about Pokémon and planning out various teams.
Finally, the big day arrives and you rush to the Lab to get your very first Pokémon. The Professor greets you and you eagerly smile, thinking of the adventure you are about to begin. As you daydream through most of the Professor's speech, you finally feel a firm grip of your shoulder. You open your eyes and see the professor glancing at you, upset about his wasted speech.
You quickly apologise and promise the Professor you'll help him with his research as a way of apologising. He looks at you happily and points at his computer screen. You immediately notice a huge map full of various symbols and colours and notes. You ask the Professor about it and he reveals that he is trying to find out which Pokémon live in which areas based on temperatures and locations. He then points at your home region and asks you to build a representative team, to help with his research.
Despite your other plans, you decide to help the Professor, mainly because you owe him one.
After obtaining your Pokédex and PokéBalls and pick your very first partner, you are ready to go.
So... what's your region like?


You may only trade in order to evolve your Pokémon or if your game of choice is Pokémon XD or Colosseum.
Hacking/Cheating is not allowed.
You are not allowed to use Pokémon that can change types. (Rotom for example).
Legendary Pokémon are not allowed.
If one of your Pokémon's pre-evolution has a different type than the one you are supposed to use, you must evolve it as soon as possible.
You may only use one Pokémon of each type.
Your team must be assigned by another challenger.
Your challenge ends when you've defeated the Champion in your region as follows:
FR/LG: Blue (Your Rival)
G/S/C/HG/SS: Red (At Mt Silver)
R/S: Steven
E: Wallace
D/P/Pt: Cynthia
B/W: Alder
B2/W2: Iris
X/Y: ???

Obtaining your team

Using a search engine, find out the general weather forecast in your area for the next 7 days.
Add up all the high and low temperatures for each day, then divide the number you obtained by 14 in order to obtain an average temperature for each day.
Based on your number, use the list bellow to find out what types you may use.

10° Celsius/50° Fahrenheit and bellow: , , , , ,
11° Celsius/51° Fahrenheit- 25° Celsius/77° Fahrenheit: , , , , , (a Pokémon that gains the Fairy type in Gen VI for Generations I-V)
26° Celsius/78° Fahrenheit and above: , , , , ,


Luigi-San, Silver, 15
Seraphimon-sama, Blaze Black 2, 16-30
rageahollic33, Blue, 16-30
jaydezzal, Ruby, 15
†Dementia†, Platinum, 15/ Sapphire, 16-30/ Crystal, 15
DylanDJ, SoulSilver, 15
bulbasaur21, Crystal, 16-30
DarkChibimon, Crystal, 15
RideTheHydreigon2, Black, 15
BlueShellBeast, White, 15
LiquidRage, Emerald, 15
CC, Pearl, 15
TrollShammy80, Prestigious Platinum, 15
Bookishangel, White, 31
Flame999, Ruby, 31
Kirozane, SoulSilver, 31
GreatTornado, Black2, 12
LolPizzaLol, Platinum, 16-30
Pridekitty, Silver, 31
jsziede, White2, 16-30
ShadowExcadrill, LeafGreen, 16-30
GoldenRayquaza, Ruby, 16-30
Ganondorf92, Pearl, 16-30
3p1cL0bster, Platinum, 16-30
xshadowx, LeafGreen, 16-30
McMaSt3r, White, 16-30
MrBunny9612, White, 16-30
Pokemonfreek24, Yellow, 10
MasterCade, Diamond, 10
MIAU, Platinum, 10
Atmageth-SoulSilver, 10
ShadowGorilla, SoulSilver, 10
Volkner, Fire Red, 10
or19937, Light Platinum, 10
DrSteam, Flora Sky, 10
Monkeyboy0, Flora Sky, 11-25
Zorogami, Y, 15
Lucario1323, Flora Sky, 10
GastlyGibus, HeartGold, 10


BlueShellBeast, Crystal, 15
LilJz1234, Ruby, 15
Somniac, SoulSilver, 15
nitemate, Emerald, 16-30

Sign-up Form

Should you wish to join, please fill up this sign-up form:

Degree Range:


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